"Are you controlling technology
...or is technology controlling you?"




















About Dave

I started my first business at the age of 7 and I was hooked!

I have learned so much in over 30 years as an entrepreneur. I have hired over 200 employees and coached over 1,000 businesses on how to use technology and create systems to run business more efficiently.

My hope is to pass some of the knowledge gained from my life experience as a small business owner to others who are pursuing the dream of freedom and to be their own boss!

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Scott Cox

Social Reach

"Dave has helped me organize my staff and business processes to a high level of productivity."


Tabitha Miller

Animated Art

"Dave is helping me get all the things in my business organized into ONE place."



Kelli Mankowski

Party World

"I am a current coaching client and Dave is helping me implement technolgy in my business and get away from all the paper!"



Katie Myers

CR Conversations

"I have been a client of Dave's for almost 6 years and have had countless conversations around entrepreneurial struggles, strategic planning and handling all of the challenges that are thrown at us as entrepreneurs."


Tim Washburn

Computer Doctors

"I have been using Dave as a sounding-board when it comes to business strategy as I move my 2 companies forward."





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Dave discusses what it's really like to be a small business owner and how to use technology to grow your business. 

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